About Me

Jazzy was born and raised in Andrews, SC all of her 30 years. 


She decided on following her career of choice January 8, 2016, after she realized there was PURPOSE. Jazzy also battled over the idea of whether or not to pursue her music career. Ultimately she chose to follow her love and passion for photography.


With her positive outlook on life and her beautiful smile Jazzy continues to light up every room she enters. The countless compliments she receives from her beauty continue to motivate her to replenish her mind, body and soul. You can always find her taking dozens of selfies! Once husband Antonio decided to purchase her very first camera (a Canon T5i) she felt the presence of it's magic and knew her journey had only just begun. She has been blessed with many clients and support from among different communities. 


With LOVE, JOY, and HAPPINESS she continues to take photos of everyone and everywhere. She has gracefully accepted each and every opportunity given to her with love.


Jazzy strives to create breath taking moments for each of her clients. She always maintains professionalism and has a hunger for learning. Any promise she makes to her clients she keeps.


Remember these photos are "Moments that are impossible to REPRODUCE"

Contact Me

952 Elliot Rd

Andrews, SC, 29510


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